Child Welfare
Due to legal implications and the fact that BMW Dealer staff have no formal training in the fitting of Child Seats, BMW do not advise Dealer staff to fit the Child Seats to customer vehicles. Should you decide to fit a Child Seat on your customers behalf, BMW advise you to obtain the customers signature on a disclaimer confirming that he / she accepts any liability should the vehicle be involved in an incident and the Child Seat was found to have not been fitted correctly.
All Models
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Price inc. VAT Price inc. VAT
Baby Seat 0+ 290   Baby Seat 0+ 218  
Choice of colours Choice of colours
Junior Seat I-II 271   Junior Seat I-II 198  
Choice of colours Choice of colours
Junior Seat II 169  
Please note: Choice of colours
All ISO-Fix seats can be fitted into non ISO-FIX cars as the seats are also constructed so that they can be restrained in the normal way with seat belts. Booster Cushion 56  
Choice of colours
New Child Seat Regulations - Click here for more information
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